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How Can You Encourage A Child To Brush Their Teeth?

At the end of a hard day, no parent wants to have to fight their child to get them to clean their teeth whittierdentalservices. However, there are ways to make brushing teeth more enjoyable and thus more likely to become a regular routine Whittier Dentist. Care for your child’s teeth from the time they first erupt to prevent cavities. Young children require all their baby teeth to grow in correctly, as they are used for both chewing and speaking. That includes ensuring they wash their teeth at least twice a day, eating a balanced diet low in sugar, and going in for biannual dental cleanings and exams. What do you do if your kid flat-out refuses to let you help them wash their teeth? For those parents who are struggling to get their child to brush their teeth, here are some tried-and-true strategies:

Get started early

When the first tooth comes in, that isn’t even the time to start brushing twice a day. If you have a soft wet cloth or a silicone finger brush on hand, you may gently touch your baby’s gums to remove germs and get them acclimated to having their gums cleaned. They could like it when their gums are particularly sore due to the emergence of their first teeth. When your baby’s first teeth appear, generally around the sixth month mark, you should begin brushing them with a soft toothbrush to get them acclimated to the sensation (and to prevent tooth decay) Dentist in Whittier. Baby-sized toothbrushes are available for purchase.

Use a gentle approach

You shouldn’t motivate your kid to clean his or her teeth using threats, prizes, or penalties. Respecting your child and encouraging excellent behavior because it’s the right thing to do are at the heart of a gentle parenting strategy. Prepare them for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums by explaining the value of regular dental care.

Have a set routine

Make teeth brushing a regular part of your daily and nightly routine so that it becomes second nature. Your child may have a routine where they change into pajamas, brush their teeth, and then read a bedtime tale before going to sleep. If you want to show your kids how to properly care for their teeth, you should probably brush yours after breakfast each day.

Let them choose their toothbrush

Give your kid a sense of agency by allowing them pick out their own toothbrush when they’re old enough to do so. You may pick from a wide variety of fascinating options. To encourage good oral hygiene habits at a young age, consider purchasing an electric toothbrush for your child. Let them pick out a different toothpaste that is acceptable for their age if they don’t like the flavor. Kids’ toothpastes often have a more subtle taste.

Let them practice on a toy

The next time they play with a doll or teddy bear, give them an extra toothbrush so they may brush its teeth.

Have a special song

If you’re having trouble convincing your kid to let you wash their teeth, try singing them a particular song. Find a song that takes two minutes to sing, and then you’ll know you’ve brushed their teeth for the recommended two minutes.

Make it fun

Try turning it into a game by having them count their teeth while you brush them, having them look for shapes in their toothpaste spit, or brushing in rhythm to music.

Read stories about dental health

Check with the children’s section of your local library or bookstore to see if there are any books about oral hygiene written specifically for young readers.

Let them brush your teeth

Let your youngster take the lead in brushing your teeth for a while by gently brushing yours first.

Let them do their own for a bit

In a similar vein, you could give them some time to figure it out on their own before stepping in to help.